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You may start a team and fundraise for the event in a couple of ways.

  1. We encourage all teams to begin the team building process by having the team leader register for the race and "create a team" within the registration process. The rest of the participants on your team will then be able to select your team when they register. We have a largest team competition and a most funds raised by a team competition.
  2. You may set up a team to fundraise. You will do this by clicking on the "donate/fundraise" page of the website. Again, all the team leader needs to do is "create a team" and have others donate towards that team. Funds donated towards your team through the registration process and by fundraising only will be tied to the same account.

*Each team member will register and be scored individually. Team prizes will be awarded for largest team and to the team that raises the most funds.

2019 Kosten Foundation
Goal: $45,000
Top Teams:
Purple Roses
Leigh's Legion
Jean's Quest
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